Getting Started / Sign In

A walkthrough showing how an App User accesses their mobile app for the first time.  

Info Page

A break down of what it found on the Info page of the mobile app, including contact information, access to the profile page, where to share the app from, and viewing web links.  

Loan Application

A tutorial to the borrower of how they can fill out a loan application from the mobile app. Detailed are the format of the types of answers that can be provided and how to edit the application before submitting.

Mortgage Calculator

An overview of the mortgage calculator and how to run different scenarios, view details, save calculations, and share the results.

My Loan

A view of the Borrower’s My Loan tab from the mobile app and the details they can see concerning their loan details, milestones, and requested document list.  

Scanning Documents

Explanation of how a borrower may securely scan and upload documents to their Loan Officer.

Sharing the App

Details about how the app can be shared from a mobile device to new or existing contacts, or even just doing a ‘quickshare.’  

eSigning Disclosures

Showing the borrower how they may receive notifications of when documents need to be eSigned or WetSign and how they can go about it from their mobile device.

Multi-Loan Management

Walkthrough how a borrower may login and manage multiple loans from their Mobile App.